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Matt Davis

21st Century Ceramics


Decorex 2017: Future Heritage



'ESC.' Tiles

Future Heritage installation



Heal's Discovers 2017






Matt Davis’ hyperreal vessels aim to challenge perceptions of traditional craft by
combining digital technology with the handmade. His work explores the
binary nature of ‘things’, ultimately manifesting objects that exist as
code in physical space.

Employing modern tools and traditional hand making techniques;
multiple software stages are used to generate models that are 3D printed,
moulded and slip cast in bone china. These ‘impossible’ pieces test
the limits of single mould forms & require bespoke setting
components to prevent collapse during firing.

These vessels aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with surface and
form in the medium. The works are intended to be considered as ‘Binary Objects’,
a digital / analogue fusion designed to bridge two worlds.

“The boundaries between what is real / not real has become blurred in the information
age & the ceramic medium has an interesting relationship with this duality. It begins the
process as decaying matter, but when fired becomes immortal. This work attempts to
address the ideas of binary existence; making virtual objects which exist temporally
as code into permanent physical forms”.